“The Presidential Pretender is a heart felt book that takes you deeper into the life of Jack, a man who has had to leave his life behind so many times he feels completely torn in two. In this book he is trying to solve a murder (the president’s wife), and figure out what is causing the president to push away the people trying to help him the most. It is edgy, gritty, loving, and exciting.
As with all Lumbert’s books I found this one to be informative, exciting, enjoyable, thought provoking, and hard to put down. I hope there will be more books from him in the future.

Lumbert has an excellent writing style that is becoming cleaner, brighter, and more involved with each book. Jay is able to take many strands and weave them into a book that is spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental, wrapped up in characters that become honest representations of the human spirit because they are not perfect; they are very human and realistic, with struggles, a great capacity for love, honor, and the need to trust that the universe works when you quit struggling against it. The streams of each life in the book come together braiding into a large single flow, and then separate again to show how much we can struggle with personal honor and the need of the greater good in the world.

I am often bed ridden so books are my friends, my inspiration, and when I read an author like Lumbert I am given much to think about that I can take into meditation with me.

Thank you, thank you so much Jay for another great story. His books create a tapestry woven of whole cloth that make the universe a better place to live. I can honestly say that this series of books makes my universe a better place to live in.”