The Varicose Vigilantes was so popular that I was inundated with requests for a sequel. This posed a challenge. The first book was edgy and funny. But it was also unique. This proved to be a powerful combination, leading to a one-of-a-kind novel. Could I write a new book that was just as good?

I didn’t want to write the same book over again. There is nothing worse than stale humor. I needed something fresh. I needed something as unique as the first Varicose Vigilantes book, and something just as powerful. Enter Mabel Witherspoon. Enter Rial Cantwell.

Rial Cantwell runs one of the nation’s largest hedge funds. Cantwell knows what he is doing, especially when it comes to stealing money from his clients. Mabel is seventy-five years old with failing eyesight and a weak bladder. This should be no contest. And it’s not — Cantwell’s got no chance against this indomitable Vigilante.

When I threw in a kidnapped Super Bowl quarterback and a plot to kill a hundred thousand people, and I knew I had the makings of a story as good as the original.

Part of this story is told through the eyes of Ben Johnson, a character from the first Vigilante book. This allowed me to build a greater depth of character for Mabel. Ben also provided the perfect foil for Mabel’s humor. It was a winning combination.

The requests have been coming in for a third Vigilante book, especially with Mabel and Ben as the lead characters. I’ve got a few ideas, and hope that the Vigilantes will soon ride once more.