One Third Rule

While watching our local July 4th parade, I began to think about the dreamers who convinced our nation to fight for its freedom.

Before the Revolution, we really didn’t have it so bad. Yeah, we had a little tax on tea. But, other than that, we were pretty much free to go our own ways. We could own property and companies. We had some religious freedom. No, life was pretty good. And we were taxed a heck of a lot less than we are today.

Back then, about a third of our population was firmly in the Tory camp. They supported the monarchy and favored British rule and protection. One third of our population was firmly against British rule. And the middle third? They didn’t really care.

Government is still that way today. On one side, we have conservatives, primarily by the (right wing) Republican Party. Liberals tend to rule the Democratic Party (left wing). Caught in the middle, we find those with no strong ideology that gravitates them to one side or the other. Whichever side (right or left) is able to convince more of the middle to come there way, will generally win an election.

Prior to the convention, John McCain’s campaign was floundering, as those who would normally be solidly in his camp (the conservatives) were not excited by his candidacy. It was only after he chose Sarah Palin (a classic conservative) that he energized his party and pulled up in the polls.

Barack Obama is squarely entrenched with liberals (with one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate) and he has truly energized his third of the populace.

As we close in on election day, it will be curious to see how both candidates maneuver to the center. McCain appears more main stream than Obama, as he is to the left center of his party. So he might normally have an easier time appealing to the middle. But Obama’s followers are so enthusiastic in their support that they may be powerful persuaders toward his cause.

Such was the case during the American Revolution. The revolutionists were far more passionate and more vocal than their counterparts. In this manner, they were able to sway the middle toward their side, and launch the country into war. Will Obama’s champions be as successful? Or, will McCain’s natural inclination to the middle win him the day?

Only time will tell.

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