Kudos to Jim Rice HOF

Yesterday it was announced that Jim Rice was voted into the baseball Hall of Fame. It was a long time coming (15 years) but an election well-deserved.

Jim Rice dominated baseball for a period of ten years, putting up near-steroid numbers in an era when beer, caffeine and greenies were the only performance enhancing drugs. His numbers paled when compared to the inflated totals of McGuire, Sosa and Bonds—athletes built up to gargantuan proportions by illegal drugs.

I am glad that Rice finally received his due. He was my favorite player for a decade and I still like and respect him as a man. I recently heard that he had Lasik surgery and can see well without glasses. Too bad Lasik wasn’t an option when he was playing. He was never comfortable with glasses and I still believe it was his eyesight that shortened his career, not his bat or his heart.

HOF is no longer a four letter word for the old left fielder. Now it is a badge he can wear with pride and honor.


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