AIG Bonus Problem: Simple Solution

The $165 million that AIG is paying in bonuses to the same executives that forced the $160 government billion bailout is the ultimate in hubris.

I understand that much of these bonuses are due to “contractual” obligations of the company. Wish I could get a job where I lost my company billions and made millions to do it.

While the Obama administration and Congress seem powerless to do something about this, the solution is quite simple.

Establish a conduit, where executives can refuse their bonus and have it go directly to the bailout funds that are being used to fix this mess. Or, have it go to help fund unemployment benefits. Then, publish the names of each executive that does not redirect his/her bonus to the fund. Then let the “marketplace” of public awareness do its thing.

Many people appear willing to cheat in anonymity, while few care to do it in the public spotlight. As Shakespeare might have said, “Let these people suffer the slings and arrows of fate.”

Problem solved, I assure you.

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