Obama Stimulus “Pork” For McDonalds

In the most recent Obama stimulus “tax cut” bill, the administration opted for a reduction in payroll taxes of about $10 per week, rather than sending everybody a $500 check.

Now, rather than taking a $500, $1,000 or $1,500 check to a retailer and buying something, individuals will have a little spare change during the month.

In my 20+ years at building and servicing 401(k) plans, I have had the opportunity to work with tens of thousands of retirement plan participants. When I speak to groups of employees, I often tell them about the “401(k) Diet.” I encourage non-participants to have $50 or $100 taken out of their pay per month, just to get started. I tell them that they won’t miss the money. The only thing they will miss is a little spare change, resulting in a few trips less trips to McDonalds. This will help them lose weight. So, not only will they save for retirement, they will also lose those ten pesky pounds they’ve been meaning to diet away.

Because of its structure, the Obama “stimulus” program will put a little spare change into everyone’s pockets each month. And I know just where it will go─McDonalds. As our recession progresses, look for McDonald’s sales to stay strong, and for people to put on the pounds. The next time you read about obesity becoming more and more of a problem in this country, look to the Obama stimulus as one of the prime culprits.


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