Less Weight, Less Global Warming

There have been some studies coming out recently that draw a direct link between being overweight and adding to greenhouse gasses.


People who are overweight eat more food. It takes energy to produce this food and this causes greenhouse gasses. When millions of people are overweight, this adds up to a lot of gas, about ONE TON of extra CO2 per person per year.

If you believe in man-made global warming, if this is your issue, think twice before you eat. That extra donut could make the problem worse.

I figure that if we all stopped went on a massive diet, we would be able to reduce the world’s temperature by at least a tenth of a degree in the year 2110.

So, the next time you need a reason not to eat something good, think about the planet and how we are warming it up. Then again, a warmer planet will help us grow more food. Growing food isn’t bad, is it? I say eat the ice cream and enjoy it!

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