Obama Hypocracy on Nukes

While I celebrate Mr. Obama’s right to govern, I am continually amazed at the enormous disparity between his words and his actions.

While the mainstream U.S. media keeps massaging him as if he is the Chosen One, Obama is doing things through executive order and summit promises that are the opposite of his words.

The latest of these issues is Obama’s pledge to rid the war of nuclear weapons. While his rhetoric sounds great, behind the scenes his administration is signaling to Iran that they will do nothing to stop them from processing spent nuclear fuel into weapons grade material.

In my new book, The Presidential Pretender, the U.S. president (the pretender that America thinks is president) actually does create a framework to reduce the worldwide risks of nuclear annihilation.

Obama will bluster about reducing nuclear stockpiles. As our current nuclear treaty with Russia expires, he will create great-looking sound bites that will make it look like something positive is actually being done. The truth is, both the U.S. and Russia have thousands of outdated nuclear warheads that would never get used, even in the event of a war. Obama and Putin (the real acting Russian president) will agree to destroy many of these and call it a win for the world. This is bull.

The most important nuclear talks should be centered on how to prevent Iran from building bombs. Their leader has vowed to create the next holocaust, as is predicted in the Quran. From it “Islam will rise from the ashes.” He will do it unless he is stopped, and that means now. The talks with Russia are a smokescreen and a sham, while the real threat to the western world is allowed to grow stronger every day.

I expect that Israel will be forced into doing Obama’s heavy lifting here, and I sure hope that he supports them, rather than taking the coward’s way out, as he is today.

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