Good News: New Medical Advances Are Extraordinary

We haven’t been seeing a lot of good news these days, so I thought I might brighten things up by focusing on some good things that are happening.

There are extraordinary advances occurring in medical technologies that will dramatically change the face of medicine.

Robot assisted surgery now allows top surgeons to operate from half a world away, with minimally invasive techniques that let heart patients return to the activities of living within days, not weeks or months.

Metamaterials are allowing us to see single cell organisms (like viruses) I high definition color, not the X-Ray type images we see with electron microscopes. This will allow researchers to actually “see” the results of new cures.

It won’t be long before nanobots will be programmed and injected to perform heart or brain surgery, or to clean up clogged arteries. We may also use them to remove the calcification of Alzheimer’ patients.

Researchers are perfecting ways to grow us new hearts and lungs and kidneys from our own DNA. This is already being done, particularly with bones and joints.

We will begin to debate the ethical dilemma that will come with this, just how far we should go with playing God. I won’t deal with this here. I would rather focus on the good things coming in our lives.

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