The Next World War?

You may be wondering why Mr. Obama is allocating peacekeepers and money to Afghanistan/Pakistan. Here is why:

First, if Bin Laden is alive, this is where he is. For a politician who is keenly focused on public opinion and legacy, the capture of this terrorist is like finding the Grail.

Second, this is where the serious terrorist training camps are located. The Madras schools are teaching hatred of America to millions, Afghanistan and Pakistan is where they go to train. This is where they learn the killing skills.

In all probability, this area, where Afghanistan, China, India and Pakistan all converge will be the epicenter of World War III. If we don’t work to prevent this now, we may not be able to avoid it ten or fifteen years from now.

I hate to say this, but while mankind has advanced at light speed during the past two thousand years, our emotional development remains in the Stone Age. So do many societies in this region of the world.

If we don’t do something about nuclear proliferation and development, as the president does in my upcoming book, The Presidential Pretender, this area will remain a nuclear tinderbox. This is the kind of situation where Jack Trance would be called to do his thing.

There are patriotic men and women who actually do this sort of thing, risking their lives in the shadows, without fanfare or public recognition. They face high odds of death and do it with pride, just so we can be safe.

The next time you go to sleep without worrying that a bomb or bullet is going to kill you in the night, give thanks to these silent peacekeepers that toil and die for us every day.

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